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Sewage Manholes



As most of UNIPLAST’s products, UNIHOL GRP(Glass Reinforced Plastic) manhole was developed thanks to the initiative of our customers. During the development of the manhole, we took both constructors and the users needs on the first place, and we combined that with our 25 years experience in manufacturing underground tanks. As a result of that we have produced a highly efficient and durable manhole that meets the requirements of DIN19565 standards.

Materials such as concrete, brick, and mortar, which were expected to last fifty years or more, are often destroyed in less than a decade.Corrosion, structural fatigue, and infiltration are quickly making these traditional materials obsolete.

UNIHOL GRP manholes have corrosion resistance, water tightness strength, monolithic design, and are lightweight. They can withstand the most severe conditions in a sewer environment, whether they are under a busy street or a peaceful backyard. In one word, UNIHOL manholes are ideal solution for any manhole application.

Quality is built into each UNIHOL manhole. We use only the finest quality resin and glass. Plus, we add chemically enhanced silica to improve corrosion resistance, strength, and overall performance. These materials are then combined with reinforcement ribs to form the best and very unique manhole available on the market.