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Swimming pools

Practical and easy maintenance
Fast and easy installation
Wide range of sizes and colors
Strong and durable with long life
Easy installation of thermal insulation
Smooth surface is algae resistant


Classical look, deep hull, plenty of room and dry lockers, easy towed and easy to maintain… Manta Ray 420 is perfect family boat for one day at sea or on calmer waters.

No mater if you are fishing with your friends, or cruising with your family, this boat gives you a feeling of pleasure and safety. So, step onboard Manta Ray 420 and enjoy your time again and again.


Use of GRP Tanks:
Drinking, technical and waste water storage
Water treatment and purification
Oil separation
Cappings and harnesses
Wine, milk, oil… storage and processing
Fish growing
Oil and oil derivatives storage
Acid and other chemical storage
Galvanization, zincing, degreasing…
Transportation of different liquids
Other use, in accordance to customer’s needs


In 2013 Uniplast started trial production for Van Hool – Belgium. After several successful l deliveries, we started to deliver GRP parts for Van Hool’s new plant in Macedonia.

Today, Uniplast is main supplier of Van Hool Macedonia for GRP body parts.

Sewage Manholes

UNIHOL – GRP S DN 1000 As most of UNIPLAST’s products, UNIHOL GRP(Glass Reinforced Plastic) manhole was developed thanks to the initiative of our customers. During the development of the manhole, we took both constructors and the users needs on the first place, and we combined that with our 25 years of experience in manufacturing…